Our Mission Statement

Our Mission


To promote strength of character, foster a strong work ethic, and educate young athletes on the importance of mental and physical health.


 Our Goals

  • To mentor young athletes and help instill in them good character, integrity, and a strong work ethic
  • To engage young athletes and motivate them to be physically and mentally fit and practice good hygiene
  •  To increase opportunities to involve and empower young athletes to participate in community events
  • To give back to the hometown communities where our athletes come from


Every athlete who has chosen to join Hometown Pros has pursued their goals with unmatched drive and focus. Along their path to success there were men and women who were instrumental in shaping their character and re-instilling that drive. The Hometown Pros has taken on the mission of being a part of the mentoring and shaping of the lives of young athletes in hometowns all across the country. They realize that meeting the athletes they watch on television and cheer on through events such as the Super Bowl, Olympics, NBA World Championships, MLB World Series, the X-Games, and many other sporting events that take place on the world’s stage is a rarity in the lives of many children across the US. We strive to bring this once in a lifetime experience to these children and in turn, mentor and teach young athletes about the focus and drive we have found in ourselves.


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