About Us

What is Hometown Pros?

Hometown Pros is a Non-Profit organization that strives to teach young athletes the importance of being not only physically fit, but also mentally fit, while encouraging strong character, and empowering young people to hold themselves to a higher standard than they ever have before. We host community events which feature professional and collegiate athletes with a strong desire to give back to the communities where they grew up.

Why is Hometown Pros important?

Adults who may identify a mentor in their own lives need no convincing of how beneficial, even life changing, the impact of a mentor proves to be. Therapist Dr. D. Dubois states, “Mentored youth are likely to have fewer absences from school, better attitudes towards school, fewer incidents of behavioral misconduct, less drug and alcohol abuse, more positive attitudes towards their elders, and most importantly, improved relationships with their parents.” A famous study of the Big Brothers/Big Sisters mentor program showed dramatic changes in youth just 18 months after entering the program. For example:

  • 46% Less likely to begin using illegal drugs
  • 27% Less likely to begin using alcohol
  • 52% Less Likely to skip school
  • 32% Less likely to hit someone
  • 37% Less likely to lie to parents

When studies like this one, and many others that have been conducted through recent years, are examined there is clear evidence that mentoring programs can have a huge impact on the lives of young people. Hometown Pros offers young people the opportunity to meet and be mentored by the stars they watch on television. We believe that these once in a lifetime opportunities can be instrumental in helping to demonstrate to young athletes the importance of strong character, goodwill, integrity and a solid work ethic.

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